Documentation, Reference Materials, and Tutorials for your website based on WPTF

Beginners Guide to Get Started

If you aren’t familiar with WordPress coding and developing, follow these instructions to create your website: First, install the theme and Hybrid Composer plugin and activate it. After the activation of the theme and plugin, you can import a demo and begin to customize it. This is the easiest way to develop your website, however you will need to learn to use WordPress while you customize your site (don’t’ worry, it's easy). To help you, we have created a Getting Started Guide for newbies to introduce the core concepts you’ll need to be familiar with. You can access the guide by clicking on the button below.


Start here to create your theme based on WordPress Theme Framework (WPTF) and your website with WordPress. This guide was created for beginners, but may be useful for expert developers as well.

Hire experts to build your site

Do you need help to build your website? You can hire us to create it for you! We are also available for partial work, or for help converting PSD design to WordPress (using WPTF). Contact us to receive a quote within 24 hours.

Advanced API documentation

Advanced API documentation allows you to add custom components into Hybrid Composer, create new options for existing components, and add new custom settings on the theme options panel.

Demo importing

Go to the WordPress admin area of your site, go to the Theme settings panel (Appearance > Theme Options) and select the Import Demo tab. Here you must activate the required plugins.

Theme and plugin update

To update the theme to a newest version, delete the Hybrid Composer plugin and the theme and re-install the latest version. You can find the Hybrid Composer plugin in the /inc/ folder of the theme.


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Before you request support, please check for a solution in the documentation.