Getting started for beginners

Introduction to Wordpress and theme for beginners

Core concepts

Admin and front-end
Your website is splitted in two areas: administration and front-end, the administration is the area where you crete the pages, the menu and where you insert all the contents of your website. The front-end is the final website that see the users and is the result of the admin contents. You will build your website in administration area and you will see the result on front-end area.

Build your website - basic instructions
You can build your website by use only two components: the pages of your website and the menu. The pages of your website are at WordPress menu > Pages, you can edit them click on the title, for see the final result (the front-end) click on Preview button on right (or on top). If the changes are correct and the pages show good you must save it by click on Update button on right (or Save changes on top)

Build or edit a page - basic instructions
All the pages of your website are a combination of components like texts, images, videos and more. When you are into the administration of a page you can see the icons that allow you to add new components. You will build your pages by add these components and by insert the contents you want into these components.

Theme installation

To install the theme follow these instructions:

  • Go to WordPress menu > Appearance > Themes and click on top button Add new.
  • Click on top button Upload Theme, upload the .zip package of the theme and click on Install now.
  • Wait installation and when completed click on Activate.
  • After the theme activation will appear a box at the top of the WordPress dashboard with the suggested plugins to activate. Hybrid Composer is always required.

Demo importing

Got to the WordPress admin area of your site, go to the WPTF settings panel (Appearance > Theme options) and select the Import demo tab.
Choose your demo and wait the importing. Remember to activate the required plugin like Revolution Slider before start the importing.