Woocommerce documentation

Getting started

To use Woocommerce download the plugin from https://woocommerce.com/ and install it. After the activation follow the instructions and at the end you will have 4 pages: Shop, My account, Checout, Cart. It all ready and you need only to insert the products from Products menu.

Shop menu

To add the shop menu go to Apparence > Theme options > Woocommerce. The menu use AJAX calls and it update automatically when you add a new product to the cart or remove and item from the cart. You need to click Enable AJAX add to cart buttons on archives from Woocommerce > Products > Display

Sidebars and titles

To set the sidebars go to Apparence > Theme options > Woocommerce. You can insert the sidebar contents from Apparence > Widgets area. You can also set custom titles for the archive pages and search pages, to set the sidebars go to Apparence > Theme options > Page Titles. You can also activate the Woocommerce menu from Theme options panel.

Shop archive

To create the shop archive insert this shortcode into a standard page [recent_products per_page="12" columns="4"]. On Theme options > Woocommerce you need also to set the shop page. Complete options list: [recent_products category="category_name" operator="IN|NOT IN|AND" per_page="123" orderby="date|title|name|ID|parent|rand|menu_order" order="desc|asc" columns="123"]. On Woocommerce settings page leave empty the shop archive setting.