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Create a list

From the Lists menu of WordPress, you can add a new list by insert the name and the icon that will appear in your WordPress menu. After creation, the list is automatically available to the Hybrid Composer Post Types components, like masonry list. The categories are automatically enabled and integrated into Hybrid Composer components, and the category pages archive is too. One archive page is auto-published and you can customize it or create how many archives you want for the same post type. All post types are WPML translation compatible. WordPress search automatically includes all lists as well.

WPML compatible

Show items in seconds

Full support of categories

Composer full integration

Create the single item template

The single item template is the content of your list items, for example if your list shows your projects, the template will contain the project title, the project description, etc. Creating a list item template is exactly like creating a standard page: add the components you want with the composer and you’re done. Adding new items will be very easy, and the item’s admin is your template with the locked mode activated, which you can deactivate for the single item and change the default template’s content as you wish.

Like a standard page

Set default content

Single item custom content

Fast like never before

Show the list

Show the list immediately and without any work. Hybrid composer provides 4 list archive components: grid list, masonry list, slider and coverflow. These components automatically show the list’s items with the layout you want, with pagination or lazy loading, and with features you want. Components are large with tons of options, for example the slider is also a carousel and the masonry list can create a categories based menu automatically. These components fully support the categories, so you can set what categories show and the standard categories pages URLs are auto-managed by the components.

Show your items differently

Fully compatible

With menu and order

3 pagination types

Other features

Category menu

Components that show a menu with all categories of your lists and link each to the correct archive link. Simple and useful.

Post informations

Show item information: author, item categories, publishing date, share buttons. You choose what to make visible.


A simple menu with a centered icons that link to archive pages and right-left arrows that link to next and previous items.