Your custom theme

A white label solution to develop 100% custom themes

Your brand

With a custom admin logo and admin colors, custom theme name, and custom screenshot image, this framework is completely white label.

Your design, your contents

Create your own design with a dedicated skin.css file, and create your pages and content with the awesome Hybrid Composer.


Build the website directly using code with Framework Y if you want to; all the composer components, options, etc., are available.

Ready documentation

It's already ready. All your themes and template documentations will link to the WPTF documentation. You don't need to re-create it!

The faster solution

Time is the most precious resource in this industry. Building a website in less time means saving money. Get the most out of your investment.

Approved by Themeforest

The included theme and plugin have been reviewed and approved by Themeforest multiple times, meaning no delays.

Let's get started!

$99 Extended License

Your brand

Customize the framework to make it your own. Change the options panel colors, the logos, and the version, use a custom name and a custom screenshot. What about future updates? Don't worry, you can keep the framework updated by simply replacing the folders of the plugin, and only one dedicated folder is reserved for all your customizations. See the documentation to learn how easy it really is to customize the framework.

Theme options panel with custom colors and custom logo

Theme preview from WordPress themes page

Your design, your content

You’re never limited to any skin or theme feature. WPTF was created for building 100% custom websites from Photoshop (PSD) designs. To customize it in this way, use only the basic design of any theme you choose and create your own design with a dedicated skin.css file. You can also activate three custom files: custom.js, custom.css, and custom.php. If activated, they are loaded onto every page of your website.


Combine the WordPress version with the HTML version, and sell the HTML template on Themeforest as well. Combining two versions will not only boost your productivity and your earnings, but will allow you to create the WordPress version starting from the HTML version, saving you weeks of work.


Build the website directly by code with Framework Y if you prefer. All the composer components, options, etc., are also available in the HTML version.


Convert the HTML template to a WordPress theme fast. Just copy and paste the skins.css file of the design and create the pages with the page builder, it’s that easy.


HTMLTF is fully integrated into WPTF. You can insert HTML code into PHP files like WordPress templates or the code component of the page builder. CSS, JS, and HTML are ready to use.

Ready documentation

Inspired by Bootstrap, the largest and most advanced documentation ever built. All your themes and template documentation will link to the WPTF documentation meaning you will never need to re-create documentation again! The HTML documentation of HTML TF can be used for advanced customizations and the WordPress documentation can be used for WordPress and to learn how to use the theme and the page builder.

Complete HTML documentation

Complete WP documentation

The faster solution

Time is the most precious resource in this industry, so building a website in less time means saving money and leveraging your skills to the highest degree. We worked hard to reach this goal, and we're proud of the results. Turn ideas into a website you love faster than ever! With the HTML framework you can convert a HTML template of 100+ pages to a WordPress theme in less than five days!