Multilanguage and translations documentation

Download WPML

WPML is the most complete and powerful translations plugin for WordPress. You can use other plugins but WPML will save you tons of time and will give you more flexibility and quality. WPTF is already integrated and tested with this plugin.

WPML is not free, you must buy it for 29$, but WPML will let you translate your website faster and better than with any other plugin, and you know, time is money. Remember that if you need to translate all the theme and plugin strings you need WPML String Translations available only for Multilingual CMS of $79.


  • Click on WordPress menu > Plugins > Add new
  • Click on top button Upload Plugin and upload the WPML zip file
  • Install and activate it and you will see a new WordPress menu voice: WPML

Setup and settings

  • After activation you will see a box on top, click on No thanks, I will configure myself
  • Set the main language of your website and click Next
  • Select the other languages you want to use for translate your website and click Next
  • Go to What to include in the language switcher, select Flag and Native language name, uncheck Language name in display language , click Next
  • Insert the registration key or skip it and terminate the settings configuration
  • On next page go to Language URL format, select Different languages in directories and click save, your permalinks must be of Post name type or similar (Settings > Permalinks)

Page translations

Go to WordPress menu > Pages and click on blue + icons below the flags for translate the page. Really simple.

Theme & plugin translations - WPML

To translate every string and text of the theme, including buttons, menu text, and everything, you must install also WPML String Translations available only for Multilingual CMS, buy it here and choose the second product Multilingual CMS.

  • After the installation of WPML String Translations plugin go to WPML > Theme and plugins localization
  • On top check Translate the theme and plugins using WPML's String Translation and click save
  • Go to first area Strings in the theme and click the button Scan the theme for strings and wait.
  • Go to second area Strings in the plugins, select Hybrid Composer, and click the button Scan the selected plugins for strings and wait.
  • Now all the strings are ready for the translations, you can set the translations by click the blu right button View Strings that need translations
  • After you translated a string click always on Translation is complete

Theme & plugin translations - Loco translate

If your website is not multilingual and you need only to translate english to another language Loco translate is the best solution. Below the instructions.

  • Download and install Loco translate -
  • Go to Loco translate > Plugins from the left WordPress menu.
  • Click Hybrid Composer and select the language to translate, you will see only english.
  • To add a new language rename or duplicate the file into \wp-content\plugins\hybrid-composer\languages\ with the the language code you want, ex. hc-it_IT, hc-ru_RU, hc_sp_SP

Menu translations

To translate the menus check the menus documentation.

Lists Post Types translations

To translate the Lists Post Types check the Lists documentation.